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Building Enthusiasm - Practice the Pieces

Obedience exercises and rally courses are like a jigsaw puzzle; there are many pieces that need to fit together perfectly. Top trainers know that teaching and practicing each piece individually makes putting the whole puzzle together fun, exciting and much easier to do.  Constantly practicing an entire exercise results in a dog that anticipates, checks out, becomes bored.
Join us on the following dates for a workshop on how to build enthusiasm by practicing the pieces, when and how to put them together and get ready jazz up your training and trials in 2020!
Novice:  Nov. 20    (closes Nov. 15)
Open: Dec. 4          (closes Nov. 29 )
Utility: Dec. 11      (closes Dec. 6)
Rally:  Dec. 18       (closes Dec. 13)

​Each workshop limited to six dogs.

Workshops will run from 6:30 - 8 pm