Blue Ribbon Dog Sports
Competition Obedience and Rally Training
Class Schedule

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Classes are run in six week parts and are $165.00.    Payment is required in advance please.
No refunds/credits once a class has started.  Blue Ribbon Dog Sports reserves the right to remove any dog from class that exhibits aggressive behavior towards other dogs and/or humans.  All classes are held at the American Legion Hall, 387 Elkwood Ave., New Providence NJ.  We offer evening classes on Mondays and daytime classes on Wednesdays.
  1. FUNdamentals Part 1 & 2
    Motivational games to develop focused, happy teamwork and a solid heeling foundation. Part 2 polishes heeling skills and maintains attention.
  2. FUNdamentals Part 3 & 4
    Part 3 - recalls and jumping skills, fronts and finishes. Part 4 - proofs recalls, jumping skills, front and finishes, maintain attention and heeling skills.
  3. FUNdamentals Part 5 & 6
    Part 5 - the retrieve and go-outs. ROF, ROHJ, Directed Retrieve. Part 6 - proofs the retrieve and go-outs, problem solves, continues to maintain heeling and attention skills.
  4. FUNdamentals Part 7 & 8
    Part 7 - signals and scent discrimination. Part 8 - proof and problem solve signals and scent discrimination, maintain heeling and attention skills.
  5. FUNdamentals Rally Novice & Level 1
    All of the AKC Novice and WCRL Level 1 exercises. Each module focuses on a particular type of exercise; obstacles, pivots, call fronts, sits/downs, turns.
  6. FUNdamentals Rally Int/Adv & Level 2
    All of the AKC Intermediate & Advanced and WCRL Level 2 exercises. Each module focuses on a particular type of exercise.
  7. FUNdamentals Rally Excellent /Level 3
    All of the AKC Excellent and WCRL Level 3 exercises. Each module focuses on a particular type of exercise.
  8. Ring Prep Classes Obedience & Rally
    Obedience: scheduled as students progress through the FUNdamentals program. Also scheduled as a private coaching session. Rally: scheduled when students complete the last teaching module for each level. Private session also.