Blue Ribbon Dog Sports
Competition Obedience and Rally Training
20+ years of teaching, training, learning and competing have taught me that in order to achieve success, training should and can be fun.
Training should be fun
It's that simple.....
If you and your dog enjoy what you're doing then you're going to commit the time and energy needed to meet your goals and achieve success.  Whatever your sport, the journey you and your dog take should be a happy one.   

That's why reward based training works.  There's always something 'in it' for each member of the team.  

Each dog and each handler are different; there is no one-size-fits-all in dog sports.  A successful journey of any kind requires a well thought out plan, flexibility and a sense of humor.    

In our house, when I call out "it's practice time" my dogs come running. WOW - fun times!  My goal is to help you and your dog have fun and meet your goals.